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Anyone can write for CoolKlub if they want to present themselves to the public and don’t have time to start their own blog or website. Self-branding is the key to better business. Authors of articles stand out more effectively than those who have never written anything.

In short, if you have a passion for something and enjoy writing, send an email to Claudio.

How did CoolKlub come about?

As an answer to the question:

If I could choose, what would I, out of everything in the world, most like to do?

Indeed, along with lecturing at the university, working on e-commerce projects for clients, and owning BellePoque and, I love writing. To include in all this the editing of a magazine that will make people laugh, relax, and, perhaps, teach something is the absolute end of the world for me!

A magazine that is not boring, pretentious, and patronizing. Such a project I would do for the rest of my life because I, you see, still believe that journalism is a noble skill and calling for which I feel an incredible passion.

CoolKlub focuses on…

Good advice and topics that fascinate modern society. From media and social networks, internet marketing, business habits and style, to inspirational stories and advice that we have experienced ourselves, tested, and convinced ourselves that they work, and now we share them. CoolKlub should make you stronger and more positive!

Our mission is to write casually and appealingly about things that are exciting, interesting, and that bring freshness to life. Everyone who believes they can contribute is welcome in our club.

One should enjoy life, and to be able to do so, one must systematically build it. Brick by brick, and so: Everyone creates their own happiness, and our happiness is Cool Klub!


Barbara Strelar @b_arrow, dipl. oecc., proud mother, irreparable enthusiast and optimist, serial entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed self-help addict (and TikTok). Her life motto is the driving force of CoolKlub, and it goes: Live and Learn/Work and Play. Founder of the WOW Junkie web store and several other successful companies.

The amount of energy in this woman is indescribable. At one moment, she’s arranging business with Japanese partners, the next she’s taking her son to tennis, and then you can meet her in Tuškanac training for a half marathon. She loves books and languages. After English, French, and a bit of German. She also grappled with Portuguese.

Don’t let her see you wastefully using paper or behaving irresponsibly in nature. She doesn’t forgive that!

Claudio Kramaric, a former journalist and editor with 15 years of experience, today an entrepreneur and professor at the University of Algebra. He started in the (never forgotten) Vjesnik, continued in 24sata and Nova TV, and through a quite extensive path of his own rebranding and education became what he is today – professor and assistant at the University of Algebra’s courses:

  • PR and E-Commerce
    Content Marketing
    Design of Interactive Systems
    Digital Advertising

He teaches as part of Google’s Digital Garage project, a series of lectures in which entrepreneurs and craftsmen are shown the importance of digital presence in the market through examples. He has led editorial teams of just two but also 13 journalists. Initiated and edited special supplements and newspaper projects. From 2013 to today, he has opened several e-stores and is the author of the paper on e-commerce in Croatia.

He advises teams that want to position their company on the Internet. Oh yes, together with Barbara, he founded the best webshop in the region. WOW Junkie beauty concept.

What he knows – he gladly shares with students, and for the rest, he asks.

For both, is a vent that started as a blog on some path to a magazine for cool people. Sometimes, it grows fast, sometimes slow. I hope you enjoy the topics we present. We are open to all types of criticism and suggestions.

Both love sports, and in addition to running, they have recently been amused by tennis and all possible sports, find them in Gym4You.


ANTONIJA BILIĆ ARAR, Content machine! At the time we had the honor of her writing a few articles for us, she was an editor and journalist who honed her craft in print and accidentally ended up on the web ten years ago in a dynamic but happy relationship with digital. “It’s a partner that demands maximum engagement and doesn’t allow you to get complacent, but that’s exactly why the relationship is exciting,” says Antonija. This girl is someone you’d love to have coffee with, a walking encyclopedia for content. Besides everything, Antonija is an educated specialist in internet marketing and is soon to be a certified expert in content marketing.
She is married to a web developer, so it’s hard for her to distinguish between her personal and professional lives. She is the author of the blog and an SEO/content collaborator on the project Despite all the digital, she admits she loves print – there’s nothing like a good book. A gourmet, an open-minded cook. Today, Antonija is one of the driving forces of a Netocracy. Our deep bow!

ANITA MERKL BOGNAR is the director of the PR department at Akter Public Agency. An initiator of good ideas and positive vibes. She writes songs, the kind that hit you in the gut, and you have to sit down and take a moment to recover. She adores music and writes about it with incredible fervor, as well as all other topics which she analyzes down to the smallest details. Anita’s topics are fun and bursting with interesting facts you won’t find anywhere but on CoolKlub!

IVA UŠĆUMLIĆ GRETIĆ, author of the hit novel ‘Ghosts’, a journalist, and generally a person you want to have coffee with. She has a photographic memory, so she can easily pull out a useful piece of information about a current topic from 15 years ago and combine it into one whole. Just like expert commentators and analysts do. Vjesnik’s school of journalism! Iva calls her draft texts: ‘Here you go’ or just ‘You’ or ‘If you want something with this’… We, of course, want it because she is so cool.

ZRINKA KLUKOVIĆ, a young journalist, approached us herself and immediately started writing topics as if she had been in the editorial office from the first day. If she had told us she had experience, we would have believed her because she handles even demanding topics like a fish in water. We are extremely happy that she was with us, that is, that she chose CoolKlub for the development of her talent.

SARA TILLY, a master of political science. She approached us herself and decided to throw in a post or two. Precisely, three in two days. Productivity and a sense of a good topic are Sara’s strengths.

MARTINA MOLINARI is a marketer and PR with experience in the internet service sector, retail, publishing, and the fashion and beauty industry. She currently leads the promotion and external communications of the MojPosao portal, is a consultant in the digital agency Manifest Media for two startup projects, and teaches in the Specialist for Internet Marketing program at Algebra. On her blog Marketing Bites, she writes about digital marketing and public relations.

UPDATE: March 2015: Martina has just moved to London and left us her columns from the Marketing Bites website, which we happily continue to publish. Read Martina’s advice!

SMART GROUP, namely the SMART School of Foreign Languages, and all the teachers who work there. Read texts about Cool Places/48 hours, and you will know why we entrusted them with topics about traveling. Are there better guides than COOL young teachers who have traveled the world?

ELVIRA MLIVIĆ BUDEŠ is an entrepreneur and consultant who has been developing business skills since 2001. To date, she has successfully collaborated with over 380 legal entities, and over 300 individuals have attended her advanced training programs in the fields of management, sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, and public relations. She is the director of the company and the founder and leader of 9 advanced training programs of the Business School Filaks (since 2008 to today) with verification from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.

IVANA JELINČIĆ – ATKINSON is a certified yoga teacher registered by Yoga Alliance, a leader of progressive systemic constellations, and founder of the independent project Systemic Yoga. Before fully orienting herself professionally in the field of yoga and wellness, Ivana graduated in tourism management in Chile, and worked as an English and Spanish language lecturer. She completed a series of yoga educations, among them a teacher training in the renowned yoga school – Centered Yoga Thailand (Samahita Retreat) with teacher Paul Dallaghan. For progressive systemic constellations, she trained at the Icalma Institute in Chile and the Luz Rodrigues school in Spain. Over the last ten years, her work in the field of yoga and well-being has encompassed Croatia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and Chile. Ivana has worked for some of the most famous institutes and resorts for yoga and wellness in Asia in the role of director, advisor, and teacher, and her current permanent address is in Santiago de Chile, where she leads an independent business. Through the personalized programs offered by Systemic Yoga, Ivana applies a holistic approach to managing stress and achieving inner peace in her work with clients, which includes yoga, meditation, progressive systemic constellations, and mindset coaching. She graduated in economics and tourism management in Chile. She is a lecturer and translator of Spanish and English and is a certified senior yoga teacher. The latest in a series of educations she completed in the renowned yoga school – Centered Yoga with teacher Paul Dallaghan. Ivana spent the last five years in Thailand, where she worked at the Samahita Yoga Institute as Director of Wellness and yoga teacher, then in Bali as director of business development and programs for the luxury Svarga Loka Resort and in China (Beijing) as a senior yoga teacher and wellness development advisor and English lecturer at Walt Disney school. Last year, Ivana returned to Chile, where she first worked as a permanent English lecturer at the renowned university Universidad de Concepcion, and with her permanent move to the capital Santiago, she began her independent business as a consultant and educator in wellness, hospitality, and yoga. Also, she is currently training to be a leader in Family Constellations at the Chilean institute ICALMA.

VELIMIR ŽAGAR has successfully combined his long-standing experience in the IT industry with marketing and today leads multidisciplinary teams in creating innovative digital solutions.

MARTINA ERCEG is a master of architecture with years of experience working on family homes, residential, business, and medical facilities, including work on interiors. It’s enough to hear her quote to start conversations about architecture: ‘I only like to see greenery in someone else’s yard!’