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Dobrodošli na CoolKlub!

Welcome to CoolKlub! Or How Important is it Sometimes to Think Ahead?

As long as you don’t bring yourself to a dead end, admit it, you haven’t even thought about it. A big debt. A bad marriage… There’s more, but read to the end!

Everything somehow happens overnight, and then we usually say: ‘I knew this would happen.’ I mean, if we knew, why didn’t we take steps to avoid it? C’mon.

Thinking ahead doesn’t mean clinging to your plan. It may be that the plan simply isn’t good, and you’ll keep smacking your forehead because you just don’t understand what you did wrong.  Thinking ahead is not a paper with a wishlist.

Not at all! Rather:

Thinking ahead means having a positive response to absolutely every negative thing that will (probably) happen in your life.

Thinking ahead means shrugging and saying:

‘So what?’
And move on.

Thinking ahead means being able to move quickly if your job situation doesn’t allow for further development. Thinking ahead means getting moving when others stand still. And so:

‘Cool Klub was started because I wanted to create an internet marketing agency, but I also thought ahead about my great love, which is writing. Cool Klub is a combination of everything I find important in life, what I love, and what entertains me. Teaching is something that completely occupies me and makes me incredibly happy. I consider it the ideal combination of creativity and creating value. I enjoy the luxury that many today cannot afford.’

I’m really curious to see where all this will take me!
Welcome to Cool Klub!

Written by: Claudio Kramarić, May 9, 2013.

P.S. Today is February 24, 2018. In honor of this post and the launch of CoolKlub, I add that in the meantime, I have become the best lecturer in Algebra for the year 2016 – I collected the best ratings from participants in a competition of over 500 lecturers, and I teach at the Specialist in Internet Marketing seminar. That I’m a co-founder of the cool cosmetics e-commerce WOW Junkie.

My digital agency has moved towards consulting, and I’m currently advising large and small companies on internet business (web, advertising, presence, PR). Among others is our largest island hotel chain Lošinj Hotels and Villas. I collaborate with Google Croatia on the Digital Garage project for entrepreneurs. I have held dozens of lectures on the topic of communication, advertising, and communication on social networks and self-branding for the Croatian Agency for Science and High Education and Training for teachers and professors of elementary and secondary schools. I even managed to hold a lecture in my son’s class about internet safety – which, among all these counts, fills me with a special pride. And yes. I’m in my final year of studying Digital Marketing. Yes, studying in your 40s is really cool.

Oh, I almost forgot. The best thing is that I’m an employee as a marketing and PR manager at BB Natura vera d.o.o. from Zagreb.

P.S. 2 Today is January 20, 2024., the day before my 49th birthday. CoolKlub celebrates over 10 years. In the meantime, I have completed my master’s degree, received a so-called entry into the profession, and now, as a professor, I teach at the University of Algebra. Yes, in the meantime, I have somewhat neglected CoolKlub because I didn’t have time to write quality content, but I hope this note will help me write much more than before. And yes, we’ve launched two more quality E-commerce projects, one of them is – a brilliant idea that, I believe, will be written about a lot because it’s not just another luxury goods store but a super quality business project with an idea, head, and tail.

My son has grown up in the meantime, he’s in the second grade of the III high school in Zagreb and he’s a great teenager in every way. Ok, ok! ‘Great’ and ‘teenager’ don’t go together in the same sentence. The truth is that sometimes he drives me to madness. Well, beyond that. But his smile and cheerfulness tell me that we’re on the right path with this guy. And I adore my family. And my Barbara.

Dear reader, these are my messages to myself. Everything you read is absolute proof that if you really want something, you can have it. What? What? Ah yes, I already hear your doubts. I understand. Look.

Aside now from the lottery and winning money (which I mention as some ultimate wish of most when they are told, “If you really want something, you’ll get it,” and then they grumble because they usually don’t get it because that’s not how it works). I mean, I thought that too when they asked me.

But the reality is a bit different. You see, as I see it now, our wishes to win the Lottery are quite OK. We believe, namely, that with this win, we would help our loved ones. Those we care about most. I mean, everyone who thinks that way actually has in mind: a healthy and happy family, home, security, health, joy. Think about that. Wish for that.

Welcome to CoolKlub ten years after its founding. Thank you for reading!

#jesamtirekla in English is: #itoldyouso (this I understand myself, thanks for reading!)”